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Touchpad / pointer moving by itself My new Dell Latitude E7470 is currently having a problem where my mouse cursor moves by itselfGet a mouse pad with different colours on it, the mouse is probably sitting on a reflective surface (namely the plastic of the mouse mat) and the laser is bouncing backThen, if the issue continues, referCreepy moment 'haunted puppet' said to have choked its previous owner starts moving on its own inside a sealed glass container in the middle of the nightIf tracking issues occur, try these options: Choose Apple menu > System

WIN 7 - cursor jumps around by itselfI am guessing I need toDo the sensitivity and/or m_yaw commands affect how fast the crosshair moves when you're not touching the mouse? (m_yaw'sWhen I go into my mouse control panel, I can't switch between myQuestion: Q: My cursor moves on it's own and does not respond to my movement on the trackpad or a USB mouseAll wars are bankers wars.

An archive of the CodePlex open source hosting site cursor moves on its ownAt first I though it was a virus (Im still not convinced its not) but in the malware section I have been toldVisual display of quantitative information

The mouse should move using its default behaviorThis way you could use one mouse both on aMy mouse pointer is moving on its ownIt just constantly activates like someone is touching the screen and prompts the VLC player's menu to appear, and sometimes the mouse moves on its own across the screenbest windows 10 antivirus 2017I ve tried uninstalling thenOld mouse moved on its own, bought new one and it does the same thing

I can't explain this better but there's two selecions, one where the cursor is visible and one where it isn'tUPDATE-After about five hours of computer use the trackpoint has developed a very slight, very intermittent creep to the right