Solvency ii balance sheet approach bad

CENTRAL BALANCE SHEET DATA OFFICE DIVISION ... (BAD) ESA 95 and System of National Accounts ... Approach/Mode SOLVENCY II Line of business Type of business Aggregation of capital requirements in Solvency II standard formula ... Shocking Market Valued Balance Sheet (MVBS) - VAR approach calibrated to a 99,5% confidence ... Solvency II ratio Solvency II balance sheet IFRS Profits Ratio Time 100% SCR Profit Time? IFRS Equity / Value A L A L Update ALM framework and governance to reflect: KPI approach/Investor messaging Projected and stress tested ALM-related constraints and volatilities Clear delegations Critical factors may include: IFRS distributable reserve or Solvency II regulation is also built on a stress test of the fair value of assets and liabilities in a balance sheet approach. The approach, however, incorporates all risks of the company and value the capital requirement by a standard model that is based on a Value-at-Risk approach.