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67L040 datasheet, 67L040 datasheets, 67L040 pdf, 67L040 circuit : ETC1 - 6700 SERIES THERMOSTATS ,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic ... NTC Thermistors for Temp. Sensor and Compensation Chip Type NC NTC Thermistors Chip Type D F E J P U ±0.5% ±1% ±3% ±5% 03/05/10/12/60 pS Individual Specifications Product ID Code Code Series Resistance Tolerance Code (Part Number) 5Resistance Expressed by three-digit alphanumerics. The unit is ohm (Ω). Thermon Manufacturing Co. Datasheets for Thermal Switches and Thermal Protectors Thermostats and thermal switches are electro-mechanical on/off switches that are activated by temperature changes. They are typically used to control heating and cooling systems. Full datasheet 67F045 manufactirer Неопределенные. Electronic component documentation (datasheet) «67F045» manufacturer Неопределенные. RANCO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ETC TWO STAGE ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL Relay Electrical Ratings 120V 208/240V NO Contact Full-load amps 9.8 A 4.9 A Locked rotor amps 58.8 A 29.4 A Resistive amps 9.8 A 4.9 A Horsepower 1/2 hp 1/2 hp NC Contact Full-load amps 5.8 A 2.9 A Locked rotor amps 34.8 A 17.4 A Resistive amps 5.8 A 2.9 A