Alabama department of revenue mat.

The Alabama Department of Revenue is responsible for the operation and management of the administration, collection and enforcement of over 50 state taxes and fees, with annual collections exceeding $8 billion. State of Alabama Department of Revenue ( 50 North Ripley Street Montgomery Alabama 36132 Alabama Department of Revenue NOTICE MICHAEL E. MASON Assistant Commissioner JOE W. GARRETT, JR. Deputy Commissioner CURTIS E. STEWART Deputy Commissioner Tax Guidance for Contractors, Subcontractors and Alabama Governmental How do I make a payment on My Alabama Taxes (MAT)? Can I set up a payment plan? What is the address for mailing my return? I received a billing letter or my payment is not showing on my account, but I’ve already made a payment. How can I view previous estimate payments I have made? If the Alabama Department of Human Re sources, Alabama Department of Industrial Relations, Alabama Medicaid Agency, or the Administrative Office of Courts notifies the Alabama Department of Revenue that you have a delinquent account in excess of $25, part or all of your refund may be applied to offset that debt.