My people time sheet

Apr 17, 2018 · If you’re not ready for that big of a change, start by ditching the paper timesheets for our new timesheet template. We’ve created a free employee timesheet template for Excel that allows your employees to clock in and clock out with a button. Time Tracking software with a track record. Time tracked on projects and tasks can be easily turned into shareable reports for your clients or managers. Review your future dated timesheets and remove any annual leave hours you saved. Once you remove the future dated annual leave hours, you should be able to save your timesheet. If you do this and are still not able to save your timesheet, contact the People First Service Center for further assistance. Provide more details about this review of 'Submit eTimesheet'. The author of this review will not be able to see this report. Select this link to print the Timesheet to a PDF file, in order to create a physical timesheet for signatures. Punch Timesheet or Elapsed Timesheet: Select to switch the timesheet to either an elapsed time or a punch timesheet. This option may not be available, based on the configuration specified on the Time and Labor Installation page. Florida Department of Management Services > Workforce Operations > People First > People First FAQs > Timesheet Frequently Asked Questions > When are the paid state holidays? The HOLIDAY SCHEDULE is listed in the table below.